Outdoor SIGNS
We can manufacture any sign to suit your needs. From standard 'off the shelf' signs to advanced illuminated signs. We can design and create any type of sign from a wide range of different materials:
*Di-Bond, Aluminium
*Foam PVC

Indoor SIGNS
We can manufacture any sign to suit your needs. From standard safety signs to beautiful raised acrylic plaques. We can design and create any type of sign/plaque from a wide range of different materials:
*Acrylic/Plexi (Clear and coloured)
*Foam PVC
*Di Bond, Aluminium


*Economy PVC Banner
-Suitable for indoor use mainly, will not stand windy conditions. Might be digitally printed or have computer cut vinyl graphics applied.

* Heavy Duty PVC Banner
- Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. They come with hemmed edges and metal eyelets.

* Mesh Banner
- Mainly for outdoor use. Single Sided digital print with hemmed edges and metal eyelets.


We offer any size and any shape custom made labels with or without lamination. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Many types of vinyl and finish to choose from

*Standard sticky back (gloss and matt finish)
*Front facing adhesive side (to be applied on the inside of a window)
*Easily Removable (temporary sings)
*Block-out (grey back, stops seeing through)


Vehicle wrapping/styling is a common way of improving visual look of a vehicle. Carbon fibre effect vinyl on bonnet either roof seems to do the trick perfectly!

We as a company use the best possible materials and methods to provide the perfect look and finish to your Car, Van, Bike, Bus, Taxi or Boat.

Vehicle Graphics

Standard vehicle graphics are simple, economical yet so effective way of promoting your business.

Advanced vehicle graphics is very popular nowadays. You can cover 20%, 70% or a full vehicle with any design you might think of!

Window Tinting

Application of automotive window film is a great way to improve look of your vehicle and greatly enhance comfort levels while you are driving by blocking harmful UV rays and reducing sun glare.

We make sure you are in "good hands" by using best materials avaiable on the market with many shades of tint to choose from.

All our tints come with manufacturers lifetime warranty.

LED Signs

We offer outdoor LED video screens and displays in wide applications, such as effective visual advertising and a convenient legible method of conveying information (i.e. in trade, services, tourism, sport, offices).Unique technological solutions, applied in the process of development and production, allowed us to create a LED screen modular structure, which enables unlimited size configurations (within the module). It helps to select an optimal LED screen size for the location of the installation.

Garment Branding

Garment Branding is a great way of advertising your business or events. We offer all major brands and different styles including promotional, fitted and womens tees. We can customize them to your needs adding proffesional look to your business.